Promozioni Alberghi is an association founded in 2010 by the need to be able to reach and attract the foreign tourist to Italy. The aim of the association is to assist in the promotion abroad of independent Italian hotels and other Italian tourist attractions - with the ultimate goal of increasing occupancy, boosting sales and the average daily rate of our hotel partners.



Strategic Role

Promozioni Alberghi executes a general strategic role: directing, negotiating and following promotion and marketing abroad with a proactive approach in North America and the rest of Europe on behalf of our hotel partners.

In today’s tourist market where the native traveler (i.e., the Italian tourist) is increasingly negatively affected by one economic crisis after another and thus less and less willing to spend, the foreign tourist is the only hope there is for many hotels and other travel industry operators on the Ital-peninsula.



Network of Contacts

PA in recent years has established a network of contacts and alliances with foreign travel representation companies that allow us to offer very competitive promotional packages at affordable pricing which ensures the visibility of our hotel partner’s brand abroad.



Point of Reference

Promozioni Alberghi has become a fulcrum for many independent hoteliers looking to ensure the visibility of their brand abroad at affordable prices. With that understanding, PA’s focus is to promote and market the "high quality" of the Italian product abroad.

There are many hoteliers who look to us for guidance in order to reach new markets or to increase their visibility with Europeans and Americans – who so far, have been among the greatest admirers of Italian culture and Italy as a travel destination.



New and Innovative Concept

For the needs and reasons mentioned above, PA has developed a new and innovative concept of promotion designed for independent hotels, agritourism, luxury B & Bs, restaurants, private clubs, luxury villas and other products and services. Our network consists of leading sales representation companies located in North America and Europe. For the first time, independent operators have access to highly flexible and customizable promotional packages that offer the opportunity to expand their international presence at a fraction of full company presence.